Here on Prosas we have 3 profile types: Citizen, Entrepreneur and Grantmaker. Before we begin, let’s check which one suits your needs:


Citizen is your login account. Every user on Prosas has a Citizen profile, along with any of the following two options. If you were invited to evaluate a Project, for example, this is your choice.


Entrepreneur choose this one if you’re interested in sending your Project to any available opportunity.


Grantmaker if you want to manage your public opportunity and follow the execution of approved projects.



If you need to register your proposal in a public opportunity, follow the steps:


1- Acess our website and click on the right top “Register” button:




2- Click on “Create an Entrepreneur profile”.






3- Fill the form:


Reminder: all fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.



In the "Login" tab, you must provide the information that will be used to access your account.


In the "Profile" tab you will have to choose your type of entrepreneur and provide the information related to your yourself or your organization. 


It is important to note that in this tab the only optional field is the cover image.


In tab 3 "About", select “If you are a foreigner and do not have a CPF / CNPJ” if this is your case. There’re also a few options of complementary informations such as your fields of activity, communities and locations where you or your organization operates.



The "Complementaries" tab can be used to provide files, websites, social networks and videos of the institution. Its completion is optional.




4- Complete your registration:


After filling in all the mandatory fields, click on "I'm not a robot" button and then on "Complete". Done!